Friday, 21 December 2012

Tiffany + Aaron + 4 years = happy :)

Yesterday, 20th December, Aaron and I had been together 4 whole years! :O
I have no idea where the 4 years have gone but at the same time, I feel like I've always been with him.. Does that make any kind of sense to anyone?!

New years eve in London, 2008.
To celebrate, Aaron took me out for lunch to Beefeater as we love it there and I really wanted to go again :) Afterwards to went to Jimmys Farm and bought some yummy sausages... Which I tweeted about and Jimmy replied!!! (with a 'x'!!!!) Made my day that did :D

Soaked through at Thorpe Park, 2009.
4 and a half years ago, I was out clubbing on a Friday (like always) with my cousin and we drunkenly got talking to 2 blokes in the smoking area.. After that, every time we saw them when we were out, we'd end up spending the night chatting/having a laugh with them. I absolutely fancied the pants off Aaron straight away but for ages, although he flirted with me, he kept saying he didn't like me! After 6 months we started meeting up on our own (nothing like that!!) and after getting to know each other more, we booked a weekend away together and that's when he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. Er, YES!!! I can remember I text EVERYONE cause I was soo happy!!

My favourite pic of him :) Ibiza, 2009.
I was worried at first about what my parents would say, they knew I fancied him cause I didn't shut up about him but he's 12 years older than me - I was 20 and he was 32 - they were really happy for me though and said if I'm happy, they're happy :) To be fair, I don't think Aaron looks his age and he certainly doesn't act it! Do you think we look like we have a 12 year age gap?

After a night out, 2010.
We're still going strong, we laugh every single day and tell each other we love each other every single day. I love how we can have a good laugh together but also talk for hours. I love how lucky I am to have him. He's pretty lucky too ;) hahaha..

We got engaged 2 years ago but we're in no real hurry to get married just yet, it's not a race is it! When we do tie the knot (probably in the next 2-3 years) it will be the happiest day of my life. Aaron asked my dads permission before he asked me and apparently mum walked in and then got super excited and found it hard to keep it secret! They love Aaron to bits and get on so well with him and his parents too which is such a bonus :)

A very sad day but I love this picture.. 2010.
Aaron took me away for a night in a very expensive hotel on Canary Warf, London for my 22nd Birthday and when I opened my card, it said "To my fiancee" and I was like OMGGGGGG!!!! I had absolutely no idea at all. It was perfect :) The ring he got me was very traditional, which he knew I'd wanted, it's beautiful.

Family meal, 2011.
I have no doubt at all that Aaron is "the one" and that we'll be together til we're old and wrinkley! We just get on so well. We have the same sense of humour and seem to know each other better than we know ourselves. We have the same morals and both want the same things in life, we just clicked, right from that first night.
I never take for granted the fact that the first man I fell in love with turned out to be the one I know I'll spend the rest of my life with or the fact that not many people are lucky enough to have found "the one" yet or that my family love him and his love me - because I know that not everyone has that and some people never will.

Weekend away, 2012.

4 years down, many, many more to go! :) If you ever read this, I love you chops :) xxxx
And my word this is a soppy post!!!


  1. Aaaaw this is too cute! I'm so happy that you're happy! (Now I sound soppy haha!) xx

  2. This is such a cute post :) So happy for you :) xx

  3. So glad you guys are happy :) I love a good romance

    e x