Friday, 19 October 2012

Models Own buys

I think every man and this dog took advantage of the Models Own 50% off sale. How could you not?! Part of me wanted to order it all, possibly through sheer excitement! - But thankfully for Aarons bank account, I had my sensible hat on ;)

From L-R: Vintage Pink, Naked Shimmer, Pink Blush, 3 in 1 and Lashed Up Volumiser Mascara.

Now, I don't know if it's my computer screen or my eyes but the colours I got did not match with the colours shown on their website. (If anyone else agrees/disagrees with this do let me know so I know if the problem is my end or theirs!) Although annoyed by the colours not matching between my order and the website, other than Pink Blush I'm super duper happy with my items..

- Vintage Pink came out more reddish brown than the pinky/browny/bare colour I saw on screen.
If I saw this colour on the shelf, I probably wouldn't pick it up but I put it on my nails and decided that actually it's a really nice, creamy autumn colour and it will definitely be getting lots of use!

- Naked Shimmer was slightly lighter than shown on screen.
BUT it's a gorgeous colour and has become one of my favourites - the website doesn't do it justice. In the bottle it has a pretty golden shimmer to it although once on the nails you can't see it unless you look closely but this doesn't bother me, I still love it!


 - Pink Blush was the most disappointing. Its worth putting in here - I always look on Google for swatches before buying nail polish online.. The Models Own website shows Pink Blush to be a babyish pink on the little blob then you click and it looks like a medium, creamy, pastely pink.. What I received was almost neon pink!
The good thing to come from this one was that I emailed Models Own about it and they're sending me 2 free polishes to ease my disappointment which I think is really good of them :)

- The 3 in 1 polish has a blue tint (looks like it might be UV?), which isn't mentioned online and can really change a colour - I put it on top of the Naked Shimmer and it looked light purple :/ - Which you can really see in the pic of the 3 colours on my nails at the top.
Although I won't be wearing this on top of Naked Shimmer again, I will be able to wear it with almost every other colour I own (around 100 now) so it's no biggie!

This was the item I was the most chuffed with! I wasn't expecting it to blow my socks off and thought as it was half price, it wouldn't hurt to give it a go and I'm so glad I did! It has replaced all my other mascaras and I just use this one now, I love it! I'll be honest, I only picked it cause it was pink!! It does a good job at showing off my lashes, without looking too boring natural or too fake over the top, a very, very happy medium. Without a doubt, I will repurchase this (good excuse to order more nail polish too, right? :) Normal price is £6 which I think is more than fair.

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  1. Gorgeous polishes!:)

  2. I went a bit crazy in the Models Own sale, haha! I now have a grand total of 10 new additions to my polish collection! x

    1. i wish i'd spent more! hopefully they do it again sometime! :) x

  3. How much does the mascara cost??

  4. Aw what lovely shades of nail polish!

    Emma x

  5. Love the nail colours :) x

  6. The models own sale was the besttt! I got naked shimmer too!! Xx