Friday, 5 October 2012

life #9 (big news)

Howdy doody blog buddies :)

Well, it's official, I'm an auntie. My sister had her little girl Wednesday evening and she's called Skye Anne Alexis Woodard. She looks a spitting image of my sister (poor cow!) lol..

and for reference this is me and my sister, Ocean.. she's 5 years younger than me:

I haven't seen Skye yet - Aaron has had the end of a cold so didn't want to risk it obviously. We are going over to my sisters place Sunday though and I'll try to get some pics when I have cuddles (with Skye!) It will be a bit strange but hopefully not too awkward between me and my sister as we didn't speak for a few months due to a fall out but we're working on getting past that. I'm sure Aaron and Karl (my sister's other half) will chat away so there shouldn't be any awkward silences!

My next big news is that as from after holiday, we will no longer live in a flat! - We'll live in a 3 storey town house, oohyeah! The place we live is originally a 3STH but the previous owner converted the bottom for his poorly mum and when the landlord bought it he rented it as 2 properties but with that has come a few problems (shared water bill, shared heating controls..) and the boy downstairs has had enough and is leaving. So the landlord asked if we want the lot and obviously we jumped at it! 

The thing I'm most excited about is getting a cat as we will have a garden! I absolutely love cats.. I'd be a cat lady if I was single, seriously! I've wanted another cat since mine died when I was school age but I was never able to get one until now! I'm hoping to get a male silver/smoke tabby or a male ginger tabby with white socks. If you follow me on Instagram (@xtiffyxx) or Twitter (@xtiffyxx) do expect lots of pictures almost every day!! I will be a little bit obsessed cause I think kitten are just the most cutest thing ever ever!

I am also excited about our holiday! - We go next weekend, to Wales. We went to south Wales last year and I just fell in love with the place. I absolutely love the accent, the people are so, so friendly and its beautiful. If ever we won the lottery or anything like that, I wouldn't hesitate in moving there. This time we're going to west Wales and have said we'd like to go back another year and visit north Wales. Its 282 miles from ours to where we're going in Wales and will take around 5 hours drive.. This means I will have to make a few new CDs for the journey.. Poor Aaron!! :D

I will set up a few posts for while I'm away, you know, in case anybody has withdrawals or anything!! ;) 

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, yeeeeaaahhhhh :) went longer without a cut this time so that I could get it done before holiday.. It's got sooo thick so I cant wait for a good trim and thin out!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


  1. hey, just came across your blog and am already hooked! congratulations on becoming an aunty :) xx

  2. Being an aunt is the best! And oh my goodness, I love cats too. My husband and I just got a kitten, and my parents are taking care of my big ole fat cat until we get our own place soon. I'd be a cat lady too :)