Sunday, 21 October 2012

Holiday - I'm back!

So, if you follow me on Twitter (@xtiffyxx) then you'll know I'm back from our week away in Wales.
By the way, I've really got the hang of this Twitter thing now, I tweet most days so tweeeeet meee :)
Anyway, it was really nice having a week away with Aaron, on our own and away from home and everything "normal" we both said we just wanted a chill out break and that is exactly what we had.

please excuse my terrible roots!!

Unfortunately we didn't enjoy west Wales as there isn't a great deal to do and the roads (up and down, up and down.. ears popping/aching with pressure and bends and sharp turns every 5 mins) left us feeling like we'd been on loads of rides at the fairground which is not nice! Literally after each journey we felt spinny!

I would jump at the chance to live in south Wales but I don't intend of ever going back to the west coast. We made of it what we could and it wasn't as bad as Cornwall but we still drove home a day early.. The 6 hour car drive wasn't so bad on the way home as we stopped at Ikea, oohyeah!

Everywhere we visited this time round.. How very organised of me!
We stayed in a coastal village called New Quay but as I said there wasn't really anything to do for us so we ventured out every day. My favourite days was when we visited Carmarthen and Betws-y-Coed. They're completely different from each other though - Carmarthen was good for shopping and restaurants and Betws-y-Coed was just really beautiful and great for pictures.
I can imagine the area we stayed is brilliant in the summer for those with children as the beaches are real nice but in October, it just didn't look very special. It stayed dry nearly every day but it rained like nothing I'd heard before every single night.

New Quay
View of Aberystwyth
We took the cliff train up a hill on the edge of Aberystwyth one day, the views were great :) - pics don't do it justice. We had tea and cakes in the cafe at the top where we made friends.. They were 80-something and took a real liking to us, bless them! We heard stories about all sorts like how their pension is rubbish - so rubbish they were on holiday..!

Its not Wales without sheeps!
The day we visited Barmouth was the warmest day. We were told by the oldies we got talking to in Aberystwyth (we called it wiff wiff as its quicker and Aaron was struggling to say it haha) that it was a really nice place. It's a dump! I don't know if we just have high expectations because of where we live (Suffolk) but it really was grotty.. The beach bit was pretty but the shops were not.


Betws-y-Coed is in the heart of Snowdonia and is really pretty :) There isn't really anything there but that is a good thing, its unspoilt. Its basically a river through a small village but its picture perfect. I wish we'd had longer there but it started to get dark and we were over 2 hours from New Quay.


I didn't get many good pictures and I know it doesn't sound the most thrilling of holidays but we had quality time away together and that's what we wanted :)
What really topped the holiday off for me was going to Ikea on the way home. Is that sad?! I can't help it, I love the place! Although the Birmingham one didn't seem quite as good/big as Milton Keynes or Thurrock/Lakeside. Is this the case or is it just me?! Does anyone know which one in the UK is the best one?! Ooh please let me know if you know!

Meatballs at IKEA. YUM!
Anyway, we still managed to spend 3 hours (but included in this was meatball eating time! - you cannot go to Ikea and not have them, it's law, surely?! They're so yummm.. mmmmm!) in there which meant we caught all the rush hour traffic the rest of the way home. Nightmare!!! The M6/A14 was terrible and it was drizzling too which didn't help matters. We got real fed up of the traffic crawling along and stopped for dinner at some services somewhere and eventually got home at 8pm (we'd left New Quay just after 10am!)

I'll do a seperate post on things we bought or this post will be mahoosive :O

Unfortunately one bad thing is that our car started playing up whilst away. We think the head gasket is on its way out as there is pink fluid leaking over the engine and it's starting to overheat slightly. Oh and the dials don't always work now.. and high beam won't stay on. Poor little puglet :( (Pug 206) Thankfully my mother dearest loves us lots and is lending us some monies to get another car (as I'm not working at the mo we'd never be able to afford it!) so that is a big worry off our shoulders.. Just hope it doesn't die til we have a new one! *fingers crossed/touch wood etc*

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  1. wow! beautiful pictures! :) i would love to go there one day.. by the way, the meatballs looks DELICIOUS!!

    1. Thankyou :) I would deffo recommend the Gower area in south Wales if you do, its so much more pretty and lots more to do :) and they are soo yummy! It would be terrible if I lived near Ikea, I'd want them every day haha :) x

  2. I've just graduated from Aberystwyth Uni :) it is a pretty little town, although nasty and wet at this time of year normally! x