Saturday, 27 October 2012

here kitty kitty kitty!

Since my cat Bruno got run over when I was at middle school, I've wanted another kitty. Dad never let me and at mine n Aarons first house we weren't allowed pets. Now we have a good landlord who lets us decorate, said we can put a new kitchen in, hang things on the walls, change fixtures etc. and said I can have a cat (and laughed when he saw how excited I was!)

Our neighbour had 2 kittens but for over a month we didn't see him. Every time we passed, the kittens were at the door/window and I felt so sorry for them. I said to Aaron I wanted them even if it was just to look after them til we found them a loving home.. We got home Wednesday evening and saw the neighbour was in so Aaron knocked on his door and asked if he wanted the kittens. He said he wanted to get rid of them and was taking them to the vets the next day and if they didn't have places for them, they'd be put down. Not on my nelly!!!

(please note: the carpet is getting changed sooon, we hate it - very 90s!)

Dotty & Callie
Straight away Aaron said we'll have them and we took them there and then :) they were extremely timid at first but are slowly getting used to us. They love playing and if you have some string they will come straight over but they're not too keen on being picked up yet and if you get up and walk past them they are a little scared but this is easing. If you sit on the floor they will come over and let you stroke them and when we're sitting on sofas they'll jump up and come to us sometimes so I'm sure it won't be long before they're less wary.

Both kitties are girls and are sisters and they have very different personalities! Naming Dotty was easy - she is dotty (as in scatty) and is always running and jumping around, the first to explore and the more outgoing of the 2. I think she sort of has a screw loose sometimes, she's nutty. If you put a cuppa down she's the first to come and try to get a lick and has taken quite a liking to Aarons slippers but only when they're on his feet!

Callie got her name just because its cute, she's cute and I liked it! She is more quiet, preferring to sit and watch/observe, sleep or sprawl in the middle of the floor! She will play if you give her the chance though - and Dotty doesn't come and take over! She is the shiest of the 2 but she is very clever (Dotty is such a dingbat!) if you play a game, she will work it out quicker than Dotty every time.

When they're not play fighting with each other, chasing each other in a loop (round the sofas, round the kitchen, up and down the stairs and back again), trying to drink Aarons cuppa or playing with us or the toys we got them, they can be found under the coffee table, snuggled up together having a snooze - they look SO adorable when they do this :)

I love my kitties so much. Aaron is more like Dotty and I'm more like Callie lol.. so we say Dotty is his and Callie is mine! We bought them some really nice bits this weekend so I'll take pics of them for another post :) I'm off to watch Xfactor now :D so will leave you with a few more pics :)

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  1. Aww I love them :) your neighbour seems pretty cruel but at least they have a lovely home now with a lovely cat mom :) xx

    1. Thank yoou :) yeah it was cruel and he had the cheek to make out he loved cats! I think not! xx

  2. They're gorgeous! People who don't care about looking after their pets, and would rather put them down because they can't be bothered to look after them really make me mad! I wish there was a system that stopped heartless idiots from owning pets on a whim. I'm glad they've now found a loving home before something bad happened to them! xx

    1. Thankyoou :) I agree, people like that shouldn't be allowed pets. How could he not want them, they're so cute! :) xx

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  4. the cats are adorable! i don't have one but my boyfriend does.. kinda looks like yours and they named her 'Money' hahah >.< but i do have a yorkie! his name is mocha.. so glad that you guys were finally able to get a pet <3

    1. Thank yoou :) My other half, Aaron used to have a yorkie (with his ex) and said they're lovely dogs :) x