Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Gosh Holographic Hero

There has been quite a bit of hype around this little pot of shiny stuff, hasn't there!
Unfortunately it didn't blow my socks off :(

It looks gorgeous in the bottle and when the light catches it and it has lasted me longer than 24 hours, no chipping or anything yet (just over a days wear including a shower, washing up and cleaning) It seems a little easier to get hold of this time too (if my little Superdrug stocks it everyone else should be okay!!?) It is £4.99.

I'd read it made it less holographic to use a top coat but I tried it anyway, with 3 different base coats and 3 different top coats and it did look slightly better without a top coat. I have read about people layering it up with base/top coats then a top coat of the holographic to make it last but I cant confirm if this works or not or how it looks. The pics I took are 3 coats of the holographic polish without a base coat or top coat.

Talk about hard to photograph! :/

It's no way near as holographic as I was expecting. You reallllyyyy have to look close to see the holographic and its only when light catches it. Unless you're in good daylight, it looks like a plain silver polish.

Being labelled as "one night wear" gives the impression of wearing it for a night out.. But it only looks good in good day light so you may as well just wear a standard silver at night. Maybe it should have been called a "one day wear" ;)

One thing I can definitely say is that I didn't manage to get my nails to look anything like the pictures I'd seen on Google images - the pictures that pushed me to buy it! At no point has it looked like the picture below:

Picture from Google images ^

Maybe in summer when the sun is really shining, it might look better but for now I can say I'm not overly amazed by it and wouldn't repurchase. Is it different this time round to last time in regards to how holographic it is? Have you tried it? - What are your thoughts?

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  1. Omg! Sooooo nice! I want it!!!!! Xx

  2. I love this nail polish! Mine chipped a little sooner than yours so you were lucky :)


  3. i love the polish but i had a feeling it didnt look quite like the picture. its still really pretty though!

  4. Oh my word you nail do look amazing! I know it's a bummer they didn't turn out like you had thought, but they look great!!!
    A Brunette Duet

  5. Thats such a gorgeous seasonal polish! Worth the price too. Great photos:)

  6. I love that color, it's so gorgeous!