Friday, 16 August 2013

Sports Direct Review

When I was contacted by the lovely Natalia from Sports Direct, offering me the chance to review something within the category of ladies swimwear, I was in 2 minds as to what I should do. I don't wear swimwear but I've also not put many clothes type posts on my blog yet, although I have said on Twitter several times that I want to, once I have more money (which will start happening very soon!) I replied letting Natalia know that I don't wear swimwear but would be happy to review something else and she gave me a link and said to pick out something myself which I thought was a really nice thing to do.
I chose a funky pair of shorts and a summery top :)

Ocean Pacific Koh Samui vest sports direct

The top I picked is the Ocean Pacific Koh Samui vest. Unfortunately, they didn't end up having this top in my size so I was sent a size smaller. I tried it on and it's only just too small around the top part so providing I continue to lose weight, it will fit me nicely next summer so that's not a problem. I love the bold, colourful print on this top which is why I chose it - I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe and I'm always saying I need to wear more colour! It's elasticated and more fitted around the bust area then the bottom part flows out a little which makes it really comfy to wear. In my opinion, the picture on the website doesn't do it justice, I can't wait to get some wear out of this!

Ocean Pacific Caribbean small shorts sports direct

The shorts I picked is the Ocean Pacific Caribbean small shorts. Thankfully, they did have these in my size and they're a perfect fit. I thought they might have been slightly shorter than they are as they're called small shorts but they're "normal" (if you know what I mean!?) which made me like them even more, although it depends where you wear them, of course! I have always loved the look of these type of shorts and since I don't have many clothing items in purple, even though I really like the colour, I thought I'd pick these. The waist is elasticated and like the top, they're so comfortable to wear - I've worn them a few times already. I popped into Sports Direct last weekend for some trainers for Aaron and had a look to see if they had these in any other colours but they didn't :(

Ocean Pacific Sports Direct

As you can see, the top has some purple in it so you probably could wear the top and shorts together although personally, I would wear the top with my plain white shorts or white leggings and the shorts with a plain white/cream or black top but it's all about personal preference. I'll be honest, I never thought Sports Direct had nice non sporty looking type clothes - I always think of them as just a sports shop but they actually have some really nice items too (and nice shoes!) so I will definitely be popping back to purchase things myself :)

You can purchase the top for £4.50 (reduced from £14.99) here: Top.
You can purchase the shorts for £4.00 (reduced from £12.99) here: Shorts.

Where are your go-to shops for summery clothes? xxx

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