Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My Every Day Make Up.

My every day make up is literally the bare minimum, for me. Sort of because I want my make up to look more natural looking on an every day basis whilst at work (I don't bother wearing make up unless I'm actually going somewhere!) but mostly because I spend too long in our comfy bed and I don't end up having enough time! Whoops!

every day make up rimmel wake me up foundation real techniques

Foundation is a must for me, I have quite blemish prone skin and large pores (meow!) so foundation makes me look umm.. normal!? Haha :) I've tried a large handful of different foundations from different brands but I've finally found one I love (it's also the first foundation I've found that I don't need to use primer with!) that matches my skin tone nicely and that's Rimmels Wake Me Up foundation in ivory. I apply this using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, it's such a nice brush to use and also the first RT brush I bought. I've never used my fingers for applying foundation cause I hate getting grubby hands!

I also have quite oily skin so a matte powder is needed on top of my foundation and if it's hot a little top up may be needed half way through the day too. Since Miss Budget Beauty mentioned 17s Miracle Matte Pressed Powder (which I have in ivory/porcelain), I haven't been without it. I find 17s products to be rather hit or miss but for me, this is definitely a hit! I apply this using my Real Techniques Powder Brush which I love as so soft and huge, meaning it takes just a couple of seconds to sweep some powder across my face and I'm done, no messing about with this brush!

My mascara of choice, since 2/3 weeks ago is the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume in black. It's everything I've been looking for in a mascara since I started wearing the stuff! - You can read my review of it here. Before this one, the two I always went back to were Day to Night mascara or Volume Flash x10 mascara, both by Rimmel. The Max Factor mascara has the edge on them just about though because it holds the curl longer and needs less work for a good result.

As you may have noticed before, I have terrible eyebrows! I plucked them to death when I was younger and they never grew back properly as I done it for so long.. What a plank! Because of this, I have to pencil them in every day. I've tried a few different pencils and powders for doing my eyebrows but I've stuck with the MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil in rich brown the longest. It matches my hair well and is soft so it applies really easily - it also means if you press to hard, you'll look like a clown but I learned that early on! ;)

My lipgloss of choice for the last 8 months has been MUA Intense Kisses in lips are sealed. I just love the colour of this stuff, it's very much 'your lips but better' with a nice gloss but not stupidly glossy or sticky. Like most lip products out there, it doesn't have super staying powers but what's a few seconds just to top it up? If I could find a drugstore lipstick in the exact same colour, I'd purchase it as I do prefer lipstick but until then, this is doing just fine.

So these are the products I use on a regular day, like at work. Weekends and days/nights out, I make much more effort, use a lot more products and mix it up more!  
What products do you use on a regular day - do you just do the minimum like me or do you give yourself more time and do the lot? xxx


  1. I love the Wake Me Up Foundation! Nice blog!

    Lorraine xx