Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Soap and Glory - Peaches and Clean: My Bad Experience.

Let me get this out there straight away - I don't dislike Soap and Glory in any way and I'm by no means slating them or this product at all.. I absolutely love every other product of theirs I have (there's quite a few too!), it's just this one - Peaches and Clean - that didn't agree with me, unfortunately.
I've seen a lot of positive reviews on this product but none where people have had a bad reaction like I did. I was aware before purchasing this product that it's quite active and might not be one for those with sensitive skin.. I never saw myself as someone with sensitive skin though as I've never had a bad experience with any other product I've ever tried.

I splashed my face with luke warm water then put a pea sized amount on and massaged it in with the tips of my fingers all over. As soon as I'd finished covering my face I noticed it started to feel unusually warm so I washed it straight off, again with my hands and luke warm water. I dabbed my face dry with a towel, as I always do and when I looked in the mirror my heart started racing and I shouted to Aaron. By this point my face felt like it was burning and I was really worried. Aaron said to rinse my face a couple more times just to make sure I'd got it all off so I did. He calmed me down cause I was in a panic, having never experienced anything like this happening before.

All I could do was keep staring at my face, it was red raw all over (apart from the little bits around my eyes!) and so hot, as you can see. All I could do was sit in bed hoping it didn't look that way in the morning! I checked my face again 45 minutes later, it had started to go down a tiny bit and by morning all the redness was gone. PHEW!

In fairness, it smells great and my face felt as soft as a babies bum but I didn't notice a difference in my pores and the fact my face looked and felt like a warm strawberry an hour after using it more than put me off using it again! I still use the Scrub Your Nose In It face scrub and mask, The Fab Pore facial peel and Clear Here moisturiser on my face on a regular basis and have never experienced any redness.
I also love, have and currently use: Clean On Me body wash, Sugar Crush body wash, Scrub Of Your Life body buffer, Mist You Madly body spray, Hand Food hand cream and Hand Maid anti-bac.

Please remember that everybody has different skin and what works for one, may not work for another and vise versa. You can purchase Soap and Glory - Peaches and Clean here.

Have you tried this product? - How did you get on? xxx


  1. Ouch, that looks nasty! My face gets that way if I leave it on longer than 10 minutes. I personally love this product, but I've seen reviews similar to this! It's definitely the acids in it, they definitely leave my face feeling tender! Nice post, I followed. Would you mind checking out my blog? I would really appreciate it!

    leigh xx

  2. Oh my gosh that doesn't look pleasant at all!

  3. Oh wow. I'm similar to you, I've never had a bad reaction to any product I've used before. But wow, this scares me now! It's one of those "it could have been me" situations!

    I'm glad it went down quickly! At least it didn't last for a few days which would have been horrible. Maybe compare ingredients in it and other similar products you have? This might help you work out what the dreaded ingredient it is that did this to you and you can avoid it in future!

    Followed your blog :)

  4. The exact same thing has happened to me! I also had those strange clear bits around my eyes! I've used this product before but this is the first time it's occurred! I think it may be down to me leaving it on my face for too long, but it's still very scary! Glad yours went down quickly! :)