Tuesday, 25 June 2013

MoneySupermarket: Big Night In

MoneySupermarket are holding another fantastic competition as they believe (and I agree) that staying in is the new going out and they would like to see how us bloggers would spend £50 on a night in, courtesy of them. Those who take part will also be entered into a draw to win £500!! To find out more, clickety click right here while there is still time for you to join in too!
I had a couple of ideas when I was contacted about taking part but after a very stressful day Friday (Aaron came home with flowers for me to cheer me up and he hasn't done that in about 2 years!) I knew what I'd like to spend it on. Another reason I chose to do what I did is because me and Aaron sat down last week and decided we need more quality time together away from his Xbox and my laptop and phone so this came at the perfect time!
We decided to have a cosy, chilled out night in Saturday night with no Xbox or laptops which had become a very rare thing, sadly.. I was allowed my phone whilst The Voice was on so I could Tweet about it but that was it! We bought 2 DVDs (Ted for before The Voice and Twilight BDP2 for after!), Haribo, chocolate, wine, cider, bag of treats for the kitties and a lovely colour changing scented candle and ordered in a Chinese takeaway so we didn't have to cook! As you know, we have been doing Slimming World but decided to have a massive blow out for one night.. We're back on track now though.

Twilight BDP2 was brilliant! Ted.. wasn't.
We hadn't had alcohol in months so this was such a treat! :)
Yummy Chinese :) Couldn't eat it all though!
Tiff & Aaron love it so, the happy world of Haribo!
Mmmmmmmmm :) nom nom nom!
Couldn't leave our babies out could we!
Vinnie, Chester and Braxton.. Chester licking his chops!
Loved this candle! Will be another when we go shopping!
In my comfies! :)
My best tips for having a great night in are:
- Get comfy! PJs, fluffy socks and a big wooly cardi are a must for me!
- Don't cook! Who wants to cook when you're trying to have a lovely night in?!
If it's a cosy night in like mine:
- Get chocolate! It's not the same without it!
- Grab a blanket/throw/duvet! To snuggle up with of course.
- Light a candle. They add to the cosyness and make the house smell lush!

Thank you Money Supermarket for supplying us with £50 to spend on a night in - We haven't had a cosy night in with quality time together in absolutely ages so it was just heaven! xxx

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