Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Empties #1

Hi, I'm Tiffany and I hate using the last bit of products!
I'm actually terrible for it. If I use it, it's gone. Well, duh.. But I had so many products sitting about cause I started getting near the end and I'm like.. I don't wanna use it so I buy something else to use. Does anyone know what I'm on about or am I just a bit of a loon?! Either way, I've been trying to be good and started using things up to get rid of them! I'm going to try and be a bit better from now on, promise! I've split the bathroom products from my make up type products, so that will come in the next empties post.

Empties empty products Charles Worthington Soap & Glory Tigi

Charles Worthington - Strength & Repair Shampoo.
I done a review of this here. I'm on my 3rd bottle and have 2 more to use afterwards so as you can probably imagine, I really like this stuff! It makes my hair feel more like human hair than horse hair and it smells amazing. Would I repurchase? Already have so yes!

Charles Worthington Takeaways - Frizz Free Shampoo.
Aww RIP old CW range! This used to be one of my favourites and I just used the last of this *sob* Also made my hair feel nice and smelt good, although the new range does smell even better, if that's possible. Would I repurchase? If I could, yes.

Superdrug - Coconut & Sweet Almond Shampoo.
This stuff smells amazing.. Mmmmm coconut! It's also quite cheap.. That's where the good points end though unfortunately. It's meant to be for dry and damaged hair but it stripped my hair and made it feel so dry. I could tell as I washed it out and my hands wouldn't glide through my hair, that I'd need to plonk a shit load of moisturey type conditioner stuff on to make up for it. Would I repurchase? Never.

Soap & Glory - Scrub Your Nose In It.
I rather enjoyed scrubbing my nose in this product. I always used it at the end of a hot shower and I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin since I used it up, not in a good way. I didn't love the smell but it is a nice product that works well. Would I repurchase? Maybe. It's gone up in price and I'm thinking I could probably get something just as effective for cheaper. Any suggestions?

Soap & Glory - Clean On Me Shower Gel.
I didn't hate this product.. But I didn't love it either. I found it kind of boring for a Soap & Glory product. I used it cause I had it, not cause I loved it and wanted to, if you know what I mean? The smell was nice but nothing to shout about, unlike the new ones I bought (post coming up). Would I repurchase? Not this particular one, no.

Soap & Glory - Sugar Crush Body Wash.
This is my cup of tea for sure. I love sweet smells so it was always going to be a winner for me! I do think it's more of a summery scent but I purchased another one so it will get used in between others over Autumn/Winter, just not as much. I do really like it though. Mmmmm :) Would I repurchase? I have, so yes.

Tigi Catwalk - Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo.
Oh, Tigi.. WHY did you have to discontinue my favourite shampoo? When I heard this was discontinued I was absolutely gutted. I loved this stuff; It smelled amazing! I found it in B&M Bargains a few months back and had to have it.. When it started running out, I went back for more and it was gone again :'( I might try some different Tigi shampoos once I've used up my CW ones though. Would I repurchase? If I could, definitely yes.

What's your most repurchased product? xxx

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  1. Well done on using them up, I completely know what you mean about not wanting to finish off your favourite products I have a bottle of cranberry shower gel with about an inch left in it but I cant bare to part with till I get another one!

  2. Well done using them!
    I am trying to finish some products but I just can't! They bore me haha:p