Thursday, 31 January 2013

Charles Worthington Hair Serum

Charles Worthington hair serum, I love you!
For Christmas I thought it would be cute if me and Aaron done small stockings for each other with a twist; we had to get as much as we could for each other without spending more than £10. I have to say, Aaron did not disappoint and he's knows me better than I realised because I absolutely loved everything.. Which included this serum.
Since I can remember, I've suffered with frizzy hair.. I'm talking dragged-through-a-hedge-backwards-several-times kinda frizzy.. Not a good look! I have very, very thick hair too and unfortunately it has a mind of it's own, all the time. If I curl my hair, it won't hold for long before it drops - even when my hairdresser done it, it lasted a couple of hours before dropping slightly, then a few hours later it just looked crap. If I straighten it, it won't stay straight for long either, not perfectly straight anyway. No matter what I do, it goes back to the rubbishy straight-ish with a kink. Grr! Anyway, up until Aaron bought me this product, every time I straightened my hair, even with my GHDs it felt thick and heavy and still a bit puffy/frizzy and would quickly go all skew-whiff! I'd heard of serums for stopping this but had tried a couple before and it just left my hair greasy within a few hours so I stopped using them. I thought I would give this a go as it had been bought for me and I'm so glad I did because it's nothing like the serums I'd had before.
I followed the instructions, putting a small amount in my hair whilst wet, brushing it through then blow drying and straightening. The results were as you'd expect - my hair didn't feel thick and heavy or puffy/frizzy. It felt light, manageable (for once) and frizz free and didn't even feel greasy the next day let alone within a few hours. Most importantly for me, it stays straight for longer, yipeee! I've been using this little gem since Christmas and haven't even used half yet so it's well worth the £1.99 price tag. You can get it from Superdrug here. I shall definitely be getting myself another once it runs out and I'd really like to give the frizz free shampoo a go too.
Do you use hair serum to control your unruly hair? Have you tried any other Charles Worthington product and if so what are your thoughts? :) xxx


  1. Ooo might have to try this out!

    I have nominated you for a Liebster Award - see more here...

    Helen xx

  2. really want to try this out i love oils and serums":)

  3. Amazing review, I NEED to try this now ^^ xx