Friday, 4 January 2013

Beauty Products Haul Pt1

This post is long over due but I didn't want to do it until I had my new camera.. I'm not suddenly Miss Photographer since getting it but it does take much better quality pictures!
I've tried to keep it as short as possible most of these products have been around long enough for you to have seen 400 reviews on them already.

I haven't bought all of this at once, it's over the last month or so and I'll be doing it in 2 parts. The second part will be just the MUA brushes, everything else will be this post. As you can tell, I really like natural looking make up.. a "my face but better" kind of look, I'm not sure if I do it cause it suits me or cause I'm too chicken to try something different! Anyway, here goes!

Revlon lip butter - Creme Brulee.
I have wanted this since it come out so I finally stopped umming and ahhing and just bought it! To me, it is the perfect lip colour. It's a well pigmented, easily buildable, natural/nudey colour with a shimmer, I just love it. I also really like the packaging, it doesn't feel cheap. Unfortunately, it doesn't last ages but I love it enough not to care.

MUA - Heaven and Earth palette
I bought the Undressed palette first but was only really using the neutral colours so I thought I may as well get this one too! I love it, the colours have good pigmentation and although they all look very similar, they do look different when you actually use them. This is the only palette I tend to use now..

MUA blusher - Shade 2
I didn't own a blusher before but was wanting to give it a try since wearing make up more often.. This is a nice dusky, natural looking pink, highly pigmented so it will last a while but it's quite soft so be careful if you're heavy handed like me!

MUA mascara - Shade 1 (clear)
I bought this just for my eyebrows as they tend to have a mind of their own! I have never liked clear mascara on my eyes as it doesn't do anything on me but it does a good job of keeping my eyebrows in check :)

MUA Sheer Finish Lipgloss - Some Me Time.
I bought the brown one of these a couple of months back and knew I wanted to get more because they smell soo good! It comes out sheer but has a very slight shimmer to it and like most lipglosses, it doesn't last too long but for the price you can't really moan. I like how you don't need to dip your germy finger in it to apply it.

MUA lipstick - Shade 11.
This is a brownish matte colour but applied once it gives a "my lips but better" look which I really like. I don't tend to layer it up as I don't think it would suit me. It isn't drying and it doesn't last forever but again, for the price you can't moan. Oh it smells nice too :D

17 - Miracle Matte pressed powder - Ivory Porcelain. 
I spotted this in Boots last week and couldn't leave without it, I have oily skin so this sounded perfect for me as it's oil free and claims "up to 16 hours shine control" - I don't think I've ever worn make up that long but I did find I needed a top up after around 4 hours but until that point it's great. I like how it has a mirror in the top too, handy!

Collection - Shade 47/Milkshake.
This is the kind of colour I've been looking for for a while now. I have a lot of similar shades but this one is spot on for me. It is a neutral creamy light pinky brown colour and I only needed ONE COAT! :O With a good base/top coat I found it lasted 3/4 days which is good for me. I got on ok with the brush, it's not super duper but it's not crap. I will definitely repurchase.

Collection - Cream Puff - Angel Delight.
This stuff is like velvet on your lips, ooh it's soft! This is a brown matte colour and I like to team it up with the brown MUA Sheer Finish lipgloss. It lasts reasonably well and it isn't drying when using on it's own. I use it a lot and really want to try the other colours but they're always sold out in my local Superdrug :(

Collection - Super Size Fat Lash mascara - Ultra Black.
I have to be honest, I only picked this up because it's pink! I'm not completely disappointed by this mascara, although I wouldn't repurchase because it just didn't amaze me. It does give volume but it also gives a lot of fall out by the end of the day so I tend to wear this if I know I won't have make up on for long, like a meal out.

Aand that is it for part 1! Phew that felt long! I will get part 2 up in the next few days.
Have you tried any of these items? - What were your thoughts?


  1. I love MUA! I want to own everything from there, you wouldn't think the products cost like £1-4 they are all so amazing!

    1. I'm the same, I just want it allll! xx

  2. Great haul, i love the revlon lip butters and always wanted to try the mua blushes. Cant wait to see there brushes!:)

    1. I really want more of the Revlon lip butters now! :) xx

  3. I really like the Collection 2000 cream puffs! Definitely try and get your hands on the other colours :)

  4. i like your post. the pictures will get better in time, give yourself time. I am getting a new camera also, so I could put pictures on my blog. so look out for me. I like the collection. You should start a YouTube channel :)

  5. The creme brulee lip butter looks such a lovely colour, such a big fan of natural and nudes! I like the sound of the creme puff lipgloss too, might give it a go :)

  6. The creme brulee lip butter looks such a lovely colour, such a big fan of natural and nudes! I like the sound of the creme puff lipgloss too, might give it a go :)