Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Cats First Day Outside

Our kitties are just over a year old and up until last weekend had always been house cats. This is because where we used to live was on a busy round in the middle of a town and far too dangerous for kitties to be running around.. Plus we had a much bigger house (3 storey town house) so they had plenty of room to run around. A couple of months ago we moved back to our home town on a nice quiet housing estate but had to compromise on size as our home town is so much more expensive. With the new place being considerably smaller, having a nice garden and being in a quieter area, we knew it was time to let the little munchkins out.

I'd read that when you move you shouldn't let cats our for a couple of months so they can get used to their new home and stuff so in this time we had Vinnie castrated (Chester got done last year) - he hadn't been done before because he's on daily meds as his immune system attacks itself - but the vets said it would be fine as long as he had extra medication before/after. We also got both Vinnie and Chester microchipped and they had their vaccinations.

We were so nervous about letting them out for the first time as we didn't know what they'd do - if they'd just do a runner or not! We'd been advised to let them out hungry so we did.. They were a bit cautious at first but were soon chasing flies, rolling around on the patio and doing funny walks on the grass - lifting their paws up really high as they walked lol.. So funny to watch! Today was the 4th day of them being allowed out (they come in when it starts to get dark, we don't want them out at night) and they still haven't left the garden yet! We do have a 6ft fence right the way round it but I'd have thought they'd have jumped onto the BBQ then onto the shed to get up but they haven't so far..

They both seem so much happier now which makes us happy. I'd love if they never left the garden as it means they'll always be safe but I'm not counting my chickens! I don't think either of them would go very far though as they're very in and out and such soppy little home boddies! I love our little munchkins so much and wouldn't change a hair on their super cute little faces :) xxx

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