Thursday, 5 June 2014

Slimming World Rewards

I think it's really important to celebrate and reward each milestone during weight loss. I never thought of doing this until I joined my local Slimming World group and learned that at each half stone you are awarded a certificate and every time you get slimmer of the week it's celebrated too.. It got me thinking about how I can personally reward myself - it will give me something to aim for, push myself towards and look forward to if I do.

1 stone.
£30 to spend in The Body Shop... I also have a voucher so in theory I'll get more than £30 worth too ;) I love the products I have tried from there and have a list of things I'd really like to try but I never seem to end up going in (no idea why!) so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself.

2 stone.
£50 to spend in Boots/Superdrug on beauty products. I like me some make ups, I love trying new things but haven't for a while now so this will be good. I also have around £15 on my Boots card so will use that then too. I'd like to try some new mascaras and buy some nice bath products for the rare occasion that I'll decide against a shower, light some candles and properly relax in the tub.

3 stone/end target.
If I get to 3 stone and want to stop then my reward will be a shopping spree for new clothes either at Lakeside or in London for the weekend with my mum, with no price limit. Part of me thinks 3 stone won't quite be enough so if this is the case, I'll set a new target. The shopping spree is my reward for my end target. My 3 stone reward if I keep going will be a tattoo. I have a star on my forearm that I really dislike because it's plain so I'd like to add to that and make it look more feminine and pretty.

Are any of you following Slimming World? xxx

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