Sunday, 11 May 2014

Slimming World A Month On..

Last month I wrote a post on why I'd felt so crappy for so long and told you how things seemed to be turning around and I was starting a new journey. You can read that post here. After that, I wrote a this post on why I had decided to join Slimming World.
Now I'm writing again to let you know how I'm getting on, just over a month later.. The answer is brilliantly! I said to Aaron earlier how I'm really enjoying it this time round. I'm actually enjoying eating healthier meals and enjoying fruit. Yes, you read that correctly - I'm eating fruit.. And (don't faint) vegetables!! When I've tried to lose weight before I'd eat healthy food but only cause I felt like I had to.. Now when I eat tuna salad with actual lettuce leaves I thoroughly enjoy it. Shit the bed.

I had my 4th weigh in last Thursday and lost 2lb.. I've now lost 10lb in total. I've also won slimmer of the week 3 weeks in a row :) I'm so proud of myself for how determined I am this time and how much will power I have. There's been several times where I could quite easily have said fuck it and ordered a Dominos or had several bacardis with the diet cokes I had instead.. But I didn't because what's the point? I can't lose weight and eat shit, it's one or the other. Eat crap, feel like crap = keep looking like crap. Eat good, feel good = look good.

Slimming World cake
Made (and tweaked) the 1/2 syn cake. Delish!!
One thing that has bugged me (only a little bit but I wanted to share) is that I can't see any changes when I look in the mirror yet. My mum and sister say they can tell and Aaron says he can feel that I'm smaller - minds out the gutter you rude people! - I mean when he puts his arms round me and cuddles me. Maybe it's just that negative voice in my head but sometimes I just think people say them to be polite and I quietly question if they mean it - I've never been great at taking compliments - it stems from being bullied - it's like an automatic thing that when someone says something nice I automatically think it's not true and they're only saying it to be nice/polite, not cause it's true - cause it couldn't possibly be.. Quite sad really isn't it.

Anyway!! Although I can't see a difference when I look in the mirror, something fandabbydosey happened today! We went to Asda cause I'd seen some trousers online I wanted and I tried on a bunch of stuff. The trousers I'd wanted looked bloody awful but I tried a top on in the usual size I'd get and it was too big! I had to get the next size down! I still can't really believe that it's actually working, even though clearly it is! I was well chuffed, I still am. I probably will be every time I open the wardrobe too, haha. It's things like this that will help me to keep on track at home.

Slimming World organised
Me being organised!
Talking of keeping on track... Last Thusday was the last week I needed to fill in my food diary for my consultant to check over. Being the super organised person I am, I bought a (glittery blue and pink) note pad to keep writing everything down in. This way I can keep check on myself and keep a note of what I'm eating/drinking or if the weight doesn't keep coming off the way it has been, I can show my consultant what I've had and get some advice. I've also gone through all of my old Slimming World magazines and cut out any of the recipes I'm likely to want to make plus any syn values for things and put them in sleeves in a folder. Told ya, super organised, me!

Also, part of me is toying with the idea of dusting off my camera and doing Slimming World videos on YouTube. I want to but I don't. Well, I want to... But I'm not sure. I do want to.. But something keeps making me say BUT! See? I can't put my finger on it. Should I? Shouldn't I?

I'll sleep on it ;) xxx

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