Friday, 2 May 2014

On Joining Slimming World

Last month I took the plunge and joined a Slimming World group. I've given Slimming World a go a couple of times from home but always said I'd do better if I attended a group - only I had nobody to go with and didn't have the confidence to go alone. My sister joined with me and it wasn't as scary as I thought, it's true what people say - they're all lovely! I also bought a bike and have been biking to and from work every day, I definitely didn't exercise enough before but I'm putting that right now :)

I decided to join Slimming World because I couldn't stick to it for very long doing it from home.. Being at group as given me the motivation and extra support I didn't have before.. It keeps me on track and keeps it fresh - from home it ends up sliding and sliding and the next minute you're eating crap again. At group there is incentive to keep going - you're praised and rewarded by the group (they all clap your weight loss, you get a sticker and certificate for every 1/2 stone you lose and if you lose the most out of everyone else at your group, you're slimmer of the week and get a sticker and a bowl of fruit. There is also a draw each week to win different syn free/low syn ingredients.)

Slimming World

I have 2 reasons for wanting to lose weight. Firstly, I hate the way I look and how I feel in pretty much everything I wear and I want to be able to shop in "normal" shops again. I want to look in the mirror and think "I look great in this!" instead I think "URGH" - if I look. When I first met Aaron, 6 years ago, I was a size 14 and I really want to get back to that. Please don't think for one minute that I think plus size is horrible and they should all lose weight too because I don't at all. Have you seen plus size blogs? Those ladies are fabulous! The difference is, they're confident and love who they are, they embrace it. It's personal choice.

My second reason for wanting to lose weight is for health reasons. Since putting this weight on, I get back ache more often and I've had problems with my foot the past couple years too. I'm flat footed and being overweight hasn't helped.. Sometimes the pain in my foot is so severe I'm in tears. It's meant I can't walk too far cause if I do, I'll suffer afterwards (another reason for buying the bike!) and I'm very limited on what shoes I can wear. Also, both my dads parents have diabetes, my dad was told he'll likely end up with it and I know that by leading a healthier lifestyle, I'm at less risk.

Slimming World Award

Thursday was my 3rd weigh in at my Slimming World group and I got my half stone award, won slimmer of the week and won the raffle too - you should have seen me trying to bike home with everything!! I won slimmer of the week the week before too :) It's such a great feeling having everybody clap and genuinely be happy and proud of you. In 3 weeks I've lost 8lb and I'm so proud of myself. My target is 3 stone in total although I may want to go further once I get there - I'm going to go by how I feel and what I look like instead of concentrating on a number.

I'm not in a big rush to get to target, I still enjoy my food and I'm not going to start depriving myself to get there quicker because I know I'll be more likely to give up or just pile it all back on again. The changes I've made and continue to make need to stick with me once I get to my target too, I can't go back to binging on rubbish, it's about changing eating habits for the better - hopefully it will just come naturally after a while! :)

Are any of you following Slimming World? Let me know! 
I'm always posting about it on my Instagram so feel free to take a look @tiffanyleighx

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