Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Decoration Haul.

This year we decided to get a bigger tree as the last 2 years was we had a pre-decorated pop up one. They're great for saving space but now we have a bigger place I wanted one with branches to hang pretty things from! So we sold my pop up one to my lovely pal Claire and bought a bargain one from Homebase along with some pretties from several shops..

I decided on a slim tree as we didn't quite have the space for a big bushy one.. It was £19.99 which I thought was great value considering it will last a few years and doesn't look as cheap as it was once you've pulled all the branches out and ruffled it up :) I also picked up a gorgeous star shaped tree topper. It's white and covered in iridescent glitter, what's not to love!?

I love looking in the cheap shops for Christmas bits. Although they have a lot of tat, sometimes they have some things I like. These bits are from Poundland.. I don't need to tell you how much they cost! I didn't end up using the baubles as I bought more than I needed but they'll do as replacements or something..

After Poundland we went to a local garden center called Marlows. They had some really nice Christmas bits and some of it was really well priced too. The bigger baubles at the front were £1 per set (there are 2 sets there), the bigger baubles in the tubes were £1 (6 in a tube) and the smaller ones were 75p (8 in a tube). The ones in the tubes are a mixture of glittery, shiny and matte.

On our way home, Aaron mentioned a place called Blackthorpe Barn. I'd heard of it but never been and had no idea where it was.. Suddenly he pulled off the dual carriage way, we parked and I ended up in the most awesome, Christmassy place I'd ever seen. WOWZERS! I wanted to buy everything and could have quite easily spent a fortune. I'm sorry I can't remember exact prices of these bits but I know they were no more than £4 each. I absolutely love the deer which I think was the most expensive but well worth it.

I got these bits from a cheapy shop in town called QD. The sign, which ive wanted since seeing one similar on Pinterest, was 99p and so were the baubles. Bargain!

I got this gorgeous yet stupidly glittery guy from Asda for £4.99. I looove it although you only have to touch it lightly and you've got a ton of glitter on you! Isn't it just gorgeous. 

That's it I think! Oh I got 300 fairy lights from Tesco for £11.50 in their half price lights sale too. I am planning on doing another post with pictures of all the decorations up/out and another post on a Christmas fayre I went to. Unfortunately my laptop is broken so I'm not too sure when it will be.. My phone is also broken so I'm not having much luck am I! 

Hope you're all well xxx

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