Monday, 18 March 2013

Mini Haul

I've really been resisting spending too much lately because we need to pay my parents back for money we borrowed to get a new car when our old one died (RIP little Pug) but also because once that's paid off, we're going to save save save and hopefully (fingers crossed) have a week abroad somewhere this year, October time. We haven't been abroad on our own since the 2 weeks we had in Ibiza for my 21st Birthday and I'm 25 this year! :( Anyway! Aaron and I walked into town Saturday and I had a little spend, just to satisfy the craving, you know ;)

I've been lusting after the new Undress Me Too palette from MUA (on offer for £3.00 at the moment) since the first time I saw it.. From what I've seen, it's a brilliant dupe of Urban Decays Naked 2 palette, which I'd liked the look of for a long time but would never have spent that amount for it.. When I saw MUA were releasing this little beauty I couldn't wait to get my mitts on it. Trouble is, the Superdrug stores round these parts are rubbish and I don't like ordering from MUA or Superdrug so I was in for a bit of a wait! I'm pleased to say it was totally worth it though. Exposed and Reveal (bottom row, 2nd and 3rd) are my favourite 2 shades, just in case you were wondering. I also picked up my first bronzer. Yes, first! It's by MUA in shade 1 (£1.00) and it's bloomin gorgeous! It has a really pretty shimmer, can't wait to use it. Since blogging I've got more into make up and want to wear it "properly" if you know what I mean?! So I'm going to start experimenting make up wise now I have more products I would never have bought before, like blusher, bronzer and highlighty stuff ;)

I also picked up Barry Ms textured polish in Kingsland Road (£3.99). I tried this when I went into Superdrug with my friend one week and was really unsure (it's definitely a love/hate kind of polish) so I didn't get it but then I got home and wished I did... So then I did and I'm glad I did! Did did did..!! The next 2 polishes my mother dearest bought me when we had a look up the Factory Shop (cheapy shop) at the weekend with dad and Aaron too. I picked up my first ever (another first!) Essie polish in Nothing Else Metals (£3.00) and I really like it.. It has a decent brush on it and I probably could have gotten away with 1 coat too which was a bit of a shocker for me.. I still done 2 though, haha! Lastly is the Bourjois polish in shade #14 (£2.00) and it has quickly become my favourite polish. I love everything about it. The colour is so pretty.. Creamy pink with a slight shimmer to it, the brush is decent.. It's angled too which makes touch ups easy peasy.. I even like the way the lid closes! - It clicks into place.. Yep, it's a winner for me! I need more of these in my life.

Where do you find is the best place for cheap beauty products? xxx


  1. I can't believe how cheap both those polishes were! Wow!!! Xx

  2. I need to try some mua stuff! You got those polishes at amazing prices

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  3. Wow they all look amazing i have been wanting that palette for a while now to!

  4. Great Haul, I am still undecided on the texture polishes. x

  5. Wow I love the palette

    Emma x

  6. I love the essie nail polish. Ingot addicted to Barry m then opi then china glaze and now it's all about essie the brushes are lovely in them and a great choice of colours

  7. I love this Essie nil polish! It's such a gorgeous shade! <33 The palette is on top of my wish list now! (:

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