Friday, 22 February 2013

Mini Haul

I might have accidentally on purpose popped back to Boots to see if there was anything else I wanted in the Rimmel 3 for 2 offer.. OOPS! ;) There was a mascara I saw the first time I picked some things up but didn't get it.. Then regretted it so I got it this time and I'm really glad I did, it's brill! It's the Glam Eyes Day 2 Night mascara with 2 different wands, one to lengthen (day time) and one to give volume (night time). I'm going to do an in depth review on this soon so I won't say too much apart from that I love it!

In my local matchbox Boots store, I couldn't find anything else I wanted make up wise so I looked at the 10 nail polishes they had to chose from and saw these.. Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat and Nail Rescue 10 Day Nail Hardening Treatment. I never trust when a top coat says it will last X amount of days but for as long as it does last, it's a fairly good top coat with a great brush on it too. I tried the Nail Rescue as directed on the bottle and it didn't do bugger all unfortunately. It says to use a single coat on the first day, apply a second coat the day after then remove and repeat after a week for another week. I hated not wearing any colour on my nails but wanted to give it a proper go. My nails are still flimsy and brittle 2 weeks later which is pretty annoying. Can anyone recommend a good nail strengthener? I need one badly!

On my way to the til (the long way round, that is!) I spotted some lovely looking polishes at the Max Factor stand. I was hesitant because of the utter disappointment Fantasy Fire caused for me last year, having been my first polish I wasn't sure if their other polishes would end up crap too but thankfully they didn't! They were buy one get one half price so I picked up Rose Petal (pink) and Dusky Rose (red) I wouldn't normally pick up anything red as if you know me, you'll know I really don't like that colour BUT this is a very pinky red with a gold shimmer. I love pink (as you probably already know!) and this looked gorgeous as it has a silver shimmer to it. It chipped after 3/4 days with no top coat which is really good going for me and even then it was still really shiny. Unfortunately you can't see the gold or silver shimmer when it's on your nails at all (not even a little bit!), it just seems to disappear like it never existed :O However, I still really like both shades and would love to pick up a couple more. I don't usually like to spend too much on polish plus I have so many, most of them don't get worn much but cause I have sooo many polishes, I need to spend a little more to get different shades now. Anyone else noticed all the cheap polishes are all the same colours?!

Can you recommend any different but good and affordable nail polishes? xxx


  1. nice little haul, i was going to try the rimmel mascara but i had not heard that good things about it, i might have to! :)

  2. I love that day 2 night mascara, it's so good!!

  3. I will definitely pick that mascara up! Love the varnishes,